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Friday, December 16, 2005

RE-COVER-y and More Covering Doctrine

I went back and reread the Chuck Pierce prophecy I referred to in yesterday's blog in more detail, and this jumped out at me (emphases mine):

There is a way to advance to the “fullness of the pool,” for this hour is uncovered. Keep moving until everything that needs to be recovered is recovered at this time. This is a time of reversal and recovery. Remember that Constantinople/Istanbul maintained the religious structure and a false unity that resulted in the power of the church being lost—it’s time for a reversal of that. [. . .] Raise up those leaders. [. . .] Raise up the healing movement. Raise up the apostolic movement. Raise up that which is necessary to overthrow the religious structure that is watered down and stopping the power of the church from being seen.

There is much talk in the modern-day apostolic/prophetic movement (what I prefer to call the "resurgent Latter Rain") about "recovery" and "restoration." The premise is that the church lost the foundational gifts of apostle and prophet, but now they are being restored to their rightful places as government of the church. However, what is also clear here is that all that are not under this so-called "apostolic authority" are not considered "covered." "Watered down religious structures" are to be overthrown and (re) covered with a new, non-watered down authority.


I'm not going to defend religious structures for the sake of religious structures. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, both targeted in this prophecy, also base their governmental structures upon the notion of "apostolic succession" in an unbroken line going back to the apostle Peter. I'm a former Catholic myself and could go on all day about my issues with the Roman Catholic church's governmental premises and theology. However, for all its supposed "newness" what is being proposed here is really replacing the old with more of the same, but since it won't be watered down anymore it will be a whole lot more of the same. It's a "new" covering authority that proposes to act in proxy for Christ just like the old one did, but back in its un-watered down days like, hmm, during the Middle Ages?

Whatsoever happened to, "So shall it not be among you" (Matthew 20:25-26, Mark 10:42-44, Luke 22:25-26)?

Rice Broocks, leader of Every Nation Churches and Ministries, identifies this as "recovering the apostolic mandate." What it turns out Every Nation in Our Generation: Recovering the Apostolic Mandate REALLY means, can be read here. Nothing less than literal world domination.

Perhaps the Spanish Inquisition will be RE-COVERed as well and "transformed" back into something more than a Monty Python skit.


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