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Monday, January 16, 2006

Another "Kingdom Rebel"

I invite you to check out this new blog, Next to the Cat [now Supernatural Kingdom - see below], which looks like will address many of the same issues I am here but from a different national and theological perspective. We're in 100% agreement when it comes to cats. :-) I don't have any virtual or real apostle cats like Apostle Muggins, but one of our five cats is named Lord Nelson because despite his small stature he is our proud alpha kitty, who happily thinks he is lord of everything and no amount of systematic theology will make him change his mind. Sound familiar?

Anyway, my cats follow me around like puppy dogs, and am very grateful that during my time in Morning Star/Every Nation I was never "delivered" of a supposed spirit of "inordinate affection to animals" by the former dean of the School of Campus Ministry (see - "soul ties"), who proudly told us during a visit to my former church about how he and his (Maranatha) pastor delivered his roommate of one of these because he was disturbed when Mr. Roommate displayed what sounded to me like typical affection for a loved pet. The dog licked Mr. Roommate's face! Mr. Roommate called his dog goofy names! Eww! Must be a demon! Demon was "cast out," and the face licking and goofy name calling ceased. It sounded more like coerced behavior modification to me but heck, my husband calls me Kitty Lady so what do I know?

Our cats don't lick my face, but Nelson bites my leg in the morning when I have the audacity to use the bathroom before they get fed. My affection for animals isn't so inordinate that I don't kick him away in response to his razor sharp teeth nipping at my calf. Being that he thinks he's in authority over me, and vice versa, we go through this biting and kicking routine pretty much daily.

Speakword, happy blogging, and to everyone else, happy reading!

blessings, ulyankee

1/19/06 note: Next to the Cat has been named Supernatural Kingdom, and I am happy to report that Apostle Muggins has humbly repented of her controlling ways in order to avoid being sent on sabbatical to a "backwater" for reeducation and counselling. Here in the States we don't consider Florida a backwater. Here we call it "vacation," or what others around the world call a "holiday." But whatever works for Apostle Muggins! In all seriousness, I invite you to check out this blog, because it makes it abundantly clear that human dominionism is NOT synonymous with postmillennial eschatology.


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