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Sunday, February 05, 2006


A couple weeks ago, I searched "Maranatha Campus Ministries" in Wikipedia, just to see what would come up. Lo and behold, it was their Every Nation listing!!! And the timeline was referenced as a source!

I thought this was somewhat ironic given the amount of time and effort the Every Nation crew seem to have put into cleaning up its Maranatha past, if not outright evading it at times. Not to mention their recent rebranding as "Every Nation."

Now since Wikipedia is open source, meaning that anyone can go and edit listings, it could be claimed that I was responsible for this. Well, if it means by conducting the research into, writing, and eventually posting a historical timeline tracing Maranatha's history and how it morphed into what became Morning Star International and Every Nation Churches and Ministries, yes. But I didn't add, edit, or otherwise personally contribute any related content to Wikipedia, and I have absolutely no clue who did, either. Just for the record. :-)

Thought I'd add that in light of recent claims that congressional aides are revising their employers' Wikipedia entries...


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