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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Wiki Wars and Other Assortments

Every Nation's Wikipedia entry continues to be revised... check out the entry's history. Take out the Scandals section and this could almost be linked from EN's own home page. The most recent clean up involved removing links to non-EN sites, including a new discussion board intended to be a safe forum for both current ENers and their pastors, along with former members and pastors, to openly discuss serious issues regarding the movement. Does this mean that someone doesn't think this is a particularly good idea?

However, I might suggest that good PR might start with simply being a good neighbor. Or, if the organization doesn't want to be called a cult, to perhaps stop giving people fodder to do so. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be happening in Franklin, Tennessee... Uh, check some of the comments, including those who seem to be church members gloating over their "victory." If all y'all had any idea who it's really a victory for... Bless your hearts; it could easily have been me. I'm praying for you.

I did just finish my paper. It ended up being over 30 pages long. If I more strictly followed academic formatting guidelines (12 point Courier, double spaced), it would have been thesis length. My instructor DID say "no maximum length."

I think I'm going to rest up a bit before I get it ready for publication. Maybe wait on his comments, too. But for a first draft it came out pretty well I thought.


Blogger Life Liver and Health Promoter said...

I would like to connect with you. I also was hurt by this so called ministry. Are you still blogging about it? I see you haven't written anything here since 2006.

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